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As a business owner or individual, you want more than numbers from your accounting firm. You want a firm that “gets you” — that understands you, your situation, your industry and the complexity of the decisions you have to make.


You want more than accurate numbers and someone who will take the headaches away—you want a trusted partner who will help you achieve your dreams and goals and consider you as part of their extended family (not just another client/number).


Welcome to McCay Kiddy. Our team is proactive and forward-thinking to help solve your accounting pressure points. We offer an array of services to include: Tax and consulting, bookkeeping, outsourced accounting, audit and fiscal management, and more. Connect with us and see why we are More Than Numbers.


You deserve expert knowledge, understanding, and the Heart of a Teacher that McCay Kiddy provides when seeking solutions to your specific accounting needs.

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Connect With Us